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What is Pet Anxiety?

Let's face it. Pets are terrible at telling us what's wrong. It comes out in barks. Nips. Shaking. The good news is, as the human, you have the ability to make it stop. And the first step is understanding what's going on.

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The Anxious Pet Difference

Safe. Veterinarian Formulated. (In short no worries.)

Treats with a Purpose

What’s better than a delicious treat? How about a treat that helps your pet relax and live a happier life.


Laboratory Tested

Before any of our products go to you, they go to a third-party lab that verifies potency, purity and consistency.


Veterinarian Formulated

How did we know the perfect level of antioxidants and fatty acids for your pet? Simple. We hired a great vet

Your Stories

Every story has the same moral: You are not alone.

“I’ve heard and seen other dogs show anxiety or fear, but never experienced anything with Twinkles. That is until I was vacationing in Florida.”
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“Our family is always on the road camping or exploring. Anxious Pet helped us get our Izzy on the road with us, and over his fear of car travel.”
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"We have noticed her lack of willingness, even hesitancy, to jump in the car or boat with the family and go on the next adventure."
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