Relax & Roll

with a more powerful calming chew for your dog

Relax & Roll

Just 1 of our NEW Relax & Roll chews does the work of 4 calming soft chews! We've pack each 5 gram chew with 1600mg of active ingredients like Acetyl L-Carnitine, Chamomile, Melatonin, and more to aid in reducing anxiety and promoting calm without lethargy. Relax and Roll with CBD offers all the same benefits plus 15mg of CBD. See product details for more on benefits and dosing changes.

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    • Soothing Balm for Dogs & Cats

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      Perfectly formulated without any toxic chemicals using only simple and clean 100% natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to moisturize, heal and protect anywhere your pet needs relief like paw pads, elbows and even snouts. 

      Product Benefits
      • Soothe sore dry paws, elbows and even snouts
      • Provide relief for hot spots and dry spots.
      With CBD
      Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm
      Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm

      Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm

      Soothing for Dogs & Cats
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