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Let’s give pet anxiety something to worry about.

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    The Anxious Pet Kits combine our top selling pet wellness supplements into thoughtful, healthy solutions that meet your pet's needs.

    Product Benefits
    • Promote calm and reduce anxiety related behavior.
    • Support immune health and brain function.
    • Reduce inflammation and skin irritation.
    With CBD
    Calming Kit for Dogs
    Calming Kit for Dogs

    Calming Kit for Dogs

    Calming for Dogs
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Q: Can I customize a health and wellness kit for my dog?

A: While we don’t currently offer the ability to create a custom kit, The Anxious Pet team has carefully curated each of our kits to best support you and your pet. If you don’t see the perfect kit for you and your pet, please let us know by emailing . We greatly value your feedback and strive to be your trusted partner in pet health and wellness.